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Does link building still make sense in 2015?

Links are one of the criteria used by search engines to rank your website’s authority. Essentially, the more pages that are linking to your page, the more valuable it is to the search engines. What counts, though, is …


Customer Acquisition strategy for Startups and early stage companies

Customer Acquisition strategy – The Personas, Extravertics, Selling on Social Media and Networking. Nobody said Customer Acquisition strategy is to be easy. You’ve taken the leap and set up social business accounts, maybe even on Reddit, HackerNews, Inbound.org, GrowthHackers.com and other …


Social Strategy – what are you doing wrong?

When you think about developing a social media strategy for your business, you should have no doubt that the devil is in the details. What may seem to be small mistake can handicap the efforts that you’re making, …