Marketing on Quora – unique opportunities to engage with your audience

Quora’s core value proposition is a trustworthy place to exchange knowledge. It’s an interactive forum with about 2 million users – it offers unique opportunities to engage with your audience. It’s a system customized to gathering information you need through asking a question. This is different from the intended functionality of Twitter or Facebook. On Quora, your main identity is your interests and your expertise. It’s a tool which you should use for content marketing.

Reasons for using

Quora can help you create targeted content in a forum where your community can publicly vouch for your expertise. Being active on Quora is a way to find leads, make relationships, drive traffic to your website, and establish credibility. Thanks to Q&A form you can provide direct commentary and answers in the voice you want, and to whomever you want. It’s a great place to build your presence – by personal connections. Quora puts a heavy emphasis on the quality of questions and answers. It allows users to vote on answers and encourages accountability amongst users, also it allows users to follow topics that interest them.


Best practices

1. Create an account and take time on filling all fields.

2. Follow people – friends, co-workers, business contacts and experts.

3. Choose subjects you’re interested in and follow them.

4. Follow questions and topics you’re interested in.

Answering questions with only a handful of other answers will increase visibility and is useful in lead generation (and even getting customer feedback). To get traction with your answers on Quora – let your other social networks know. You  can use the built-in tools to share the question on Twitter, Facebook and Quora. Invite your co-workers, clients, vendors and other business associates to join Quora. This will help you grow your network.

Experts from your niche are already there

Take time on Quora. Choose experts and follow them. Check out some profiles: – Rand Fishkin, CEO & Cofounder of Moz. Answered 177 questions. – Pete Cashmore, CEO/Founder at Mashable. 5703 followres. – Wikipedia founder. 428 answers.

Marc Hoag shared that Quora sent Venturocket 82.10% of visitors. That’s impressive, right? Read the study case here:

Karol Pokojowczyk

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