Top 7 Inspiring Inbound Marketers that can Boost Your Creativity


All of us are looking for answers, inspirations, clues and so on (at least we are at Colibri IO). Especially when it comes to marketing. We spend a lot of time on crafting the best campaigns to gain new customers, to dazzle current ones, and to win back ex-customers.

There’s a magic in every kind of marketing – a little spark of innovation or well thought strategy. While getting ready to fire up the next big thing, let’s review some great professionals!

The list is in random order.

1. Don Martelli


Don is Vice President and Director of Digital Integration at  Schneider Associates. He is responsible for crafting multi-faceted communications and digital strategies that increase brand awareness and engagement. If you are looking for interesting Twitter statuses or quick reads – he’s your guy. BigGuyD.


2. Jason White


Jason is Director of Search Engine Optimization at Dragon Search. He has been actively involved in many different forms of marketing including: branding, guerrilla marketing, PPC, email marketing, reputation management and his favorite – SEO. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with SEO news!


3. Danny Groner


Danny is, as he calls himself, The Hardest Working Man in Photo Biz. That’s because he is responsible for partnerships and outreach at Shutterstock. Why he’s on this list? Thanks to his Medium profile.


4. Grant Tilus


Grant is Inbound Marketing Manager at Collegis Education. His specialties are: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Internet Marketing, Blogging… You just should check his Twitter.


5. Adam Connell


Adam is Marketing Manager at UK Linkology where he builds websites, traffic, links, authority and reader engagement. His posts are very resourceful, check it here.


6. David Christopher


David is Senior Inbound Marketing Manager at OPUBCO Communications Group. He also founded Confluence, and he’s Oklahoma City’s first blogger. That’s why it is a pleasure to read his blog.

7. Joseph McKeating


Joseph is founder of Pulsar Strategy. If you are looking for great content, you should check his Editorial IV and Medium.

Let us know what you think!

Photo with Don Draper was taken from here.

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