How to set up goal conversion in Google Analytics

If you want to know the true results of your online marketing efforts, from social media to keyword targeting, you will want to set up goals in Google Analytics. Goals allow you to see which traffic sources and content lead to the most conversions on your website.

For a company that sell products or services on the web, “conversions” occur when a customer transitions from simply visiting a website or viewing an ad to actually responding to the content by signing up, purchasing something, or some other engagement activity.

It’s up to you to define these objectives, but Goals in Google Analytics can help you track them.

Using an ecommerce site as an example, you might have several other success events, including:

  • Email marketing subscriptions
  • Contact form completions
  • Clicks to social accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest)
  • Engagement goals like time on site or pages per visit
  • Events like watching product videos
  • Downloads like product specs or product guides
  • Clicks to trigger live chat with your customer service reps

How to set up goal conversion in Google Analytics?

Goals are set at the view level. To find a view, click Admin, then select an account, property, and a view. Click Goals, then Create a Goal.

Follow the step-by-step flow in your account to set up a Goal. As you complete each step, click Next step to save and move on. Click Save Goal to finish.


Now enter information about your goal. Provide a descriptive name.

As a next step, provide additional information about your goal. In most cases you’ll have a specific URL to track, so you’ll choose Equals to option.

When you’ve created your first goal, run some test transactions to check the goal was set up properly.


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