Content marketing – does it work?

In fact, 60 per cent of companies with a blog have acquired a customer through this channel, and companies that blog get 97 per cent more inbound links. It is quite easy to create a blog, which is probably why most e-businesses have one, but it is much more difficult to create a blog that will increase your traffic. Luckily, there are some useful tactics you can employ.

Content marketing – does it work?

Blogging actually creates some kind of connection between the company and its visitors, and connections ensure more website traffic. Besides creating website traffic, blogging presents many opportunities to take advantage of SEO and, as a result, drive traffic from search engines to your site.

Benefits of blogging:

  • Reaching new customers.
  • Developing brand and/or personality.
  • Gathering feedback.
  • Blogging will help you grow your business.
  • Blog helps your SEO efforts.

Useful tips

There’s a lot of factors which determine how you should run your blog. Here’s some best practices and general tips:

Be clear about why you want to write a blog and determine your target group – think about your end customers – what are they doing, what are they interested in, and what can they be persuaded to share? You have to write precision posts about one topic, which have to be professional, clear and knowledgeable.

Find keywords – whether your blog is for business or personal reasons, you should ensure that you are optimising your blog for the search engines. Remember about subjects, meta descriptions, linking internally and optimising images.

Social media and sharing communities – social media is great for marketing your products, landing gigs and connecting with your customers.

Learn from the best

There’s a lot of fantastic blogs. For example:

Browsing other blogs can be a source of inspiration. It’s also great opportunity to find a place where you can submit a guest post.

Karol Pokojowczyk

Karol Pokojowczyk is the CEO and Founder of – an online Growth Hacking Tool. Previously founded 2.0 Web Solutions (Drupal Agency), managed developers and helped number of companies grow online.

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  • Yvo Alen

    Hi, thank you for your great content. Content marketing is perfect for SMBs, but for services like ours in Belgium we are reaching people in the US and beyond but they are often not our target audience. So it’s not only reaching your target audience, but what about your geographical target? For example only the Benelux.