Mark Hayes’ favourite Growth Hacking Tools

After taking a look at Neil Patel’s favourite growth hacking tools, we were inspired to create a list of our own favorites. Take a look at these seven growth hacking tools and share your thoughts in the comments.

Hello Bar


Many of the best marketing tricks look simple but require talent to get it right. This is the case with Hello Bar, which allows you to put a call to action at the top of the page. At first glance, this seems like a very easy task, but Hello Bar also A/B tests headlines to find what works. Many of the top Internet marketers will tell you that moving your call to action to the top of your page can increase conversions. Hello Bar helps to optimize this further.



Designers and marketers need to create landing pages without too much help from the IT department. That’s exactly what Unbounce does. It makes landing pages and A/B testing easy. You get a drag and drop interface with a WYSIWYG page editor, a powerful form builder and CSS 3 customizations. All of this can help with managing split tests, collecting analytics and optimizing your landing pages. Additionally, Unbounce integrates with more than 60 of the top online marketing tools in use today.



The best websites don’t start by creating content without an audience, hoping that one day their site will be found. Instead, they create a launch event to drive massive amounts of traffic to their new site from day one. This is what LaunchRock can help you do for your next project or promotion. Create a launch page, encourage fans to share your story, study the analytics to understand your audience and connect with your tribe when you launch. No matter what you’re launching — a new product or a new business — LaunchRock can help you create a customized launch page and get noticed.



Wouldn’t you like to know more about your customers and their interactions with your brand? Mixpanel helps you figure out what your customers do with your apps, website and social media pages. Now you can determine how many people connect with your site through a specific banner ad before they buy a particular product. You can also find out which social network people prefer to use when referring your products and services to their friends. Rather than simply measuring page counts, Mixpanel helps quantify user engagement.



Not all email looks the same, and Litmus is helping businesses understand what their customers see. This email analytics platform can tell you much more than which emails were opened and which were deleted. You can see if the email was viewed using a mobile platform, web browser or desktop client. You can also test your email to see if it will get past spam filters so your customer has a chance to read your message. Litmus is a great complement to services like MailChimp, Constant Contact and other email services.



Have you ever wondered what A/B tests your competitors are running? Knowing what they’re doing can help you decide what you should do next, so you can always be one step ahead. Using CROMonitor, you can keep tabs on their landing pages. The concept is simple; point CROMonitor at a landing page and it will refresh the content at scheduled intervals. When a change is found, you get a notification and CROMonitor saves a screen shot for comparison.



One of the best tools for email automation is Vero. When customers visit your website or use your app, you track their actions with analytics. You also email customers when you send out your newsletter or promote your products and services. Why not combine these two processes and send emails when customers complete specific actions? That’s what Vero does. It makes it easy to email customers three days after they abandon their cart on your site or customize your newsletter for specific segments based on the products they recently viewed.

What are your experiences with these tools? Are there others you like better? Tell us in the comments.


Mark Hayes is the Co-Founder and resident Growth Hacker at Growth Devil, an Growth Hacking Agency.

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