Interview with Jon Yongfook: Not going to sugar coat this


On 11th of February, the walking encyclopedia of growth hacking tactics – Jon Yongfook, organized Ask Me Anything. We were there – check out the craziest growth hacking ideas!

Jon Yongfook is an entrepreneur based in Asia, operating out of Japan and Singapore. He is a creator of awesome 21 Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics. On Tuesday AMA he agreed to answer questions related with growth hacking tactics, content marketing, A/B testing, lifecycle marketing and his previous startups. We’ve took our chances, and together with other users asked a lot of questions. Here’s a summary, growth hacking in Q&A:


Q: Do you think that coding skills are a must for a growth hacker?

A: Not going to sugar coat this: Yes. I think coding skills are a must to be a tech entrepreneur in general. It’s an utterly priceless investment of your time.

Q: What do you think are the most underrated distribution channels for a consumer oriented startup?

A: Honestly? Probably TV. It’s something that a lot of startups never think about, either because it’s too expensive or because they don’t think that the ROI is there (because we don’t watch tv, so nobody else does, right?).
But there’s still something magical about TV. It’s mass, it’s automatic social proof (“as seen on TV”), it connects you with demographics that you might never have reached before.

Q: Do you think there is a generic growth hacking strategy that one can apply to any industry?

A: I think lifecycle marketing is something that applies to nearly all businesses. Lifecycle marketing is a huge area, but just as one tiny example – having some kind of automated check in place to email a customer with an offer, based on some kind of intelligence. The key is doing it automatically, and therefore effortlessly at scale. Not everyone will respond to those sorts of emails, but the % that do make it worth the upfront effort to set it up, especially since ongoing maintenance of this kind of system is minimal.

Q: Where would you recommend putting your advertising dollars to use them most effectively?

A: Pick the type of advertising your team can execute the best. Test it. If it doesn’t produce results, try another channel.


And the most important message to all startups:

Startup marketing is about trying lots of different things and seeing what works for you. That’s it.

What questions do you have in mind? Which answer is the most valuable one? Let us know!

Karol Pokojowczyk

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