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Toma is a company in the construction and architecture market that has been serving mainly wholesale customers for more than 20 years. For the past two years, we have focused on expanding distribution channels for e-commerce, and we have begun to implement our export development plan.

The Problem:

Before October 2012, when we started to use Colibri for the process of monitoring our position in search engines and searching for niches, optimizing our results was very time consuming. Partly, we were using reports on particular phrases provided by our site’s positioning company, but most of all, we were monitoring the situation with tools provided by Google, which requires big, time-consuming commitments from our site. We had to put together the information received from different sources such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool, Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends. The need to combine data from all the different tools and the lack of automation caused a feeling of non-systematic work on SEO, combined with the sense that we are a little in the dark. In that situation, we needed a comprehensive tool supporting the maximum number of search engines, especially as we started to prepare for the implementation of five new e-commerce shops and the launch of five websites dedicated to foreign markets.


Colibri brings together all the functionality we need in one place, and regular reports and suggestions make our SEO activities more dynamic and effective. The main function of Colibri is to monitor phrases around which we focus our business activities. The historical data for all keywords allows us to get deeper than the current situation only. We can sort our phrases in the trends panel and display highly competitive niches together with data about local and global searches. A very useful feature that we are using regularly is the suggestion of phrases for our monitored sites – with this, one person can quickly determine the potential of our nine sites in five different languages. Now, Colibri can show us the popularity and capabilities of our products, and we no longer need expensive market research. The same applies to reports on our competitors: when we define a phrase on which we begin to take action, we immediately receive a list of potential competing sites without tedious searching and ordering expensive tests. Every week, we receive emails containing reports, with which we have to fight for the attention of European Internet users.

Another advantage is the ability to track backlinks to our pages. Thanks to this, we can see at a glance our potential sites: pages with our goods or services that are shared by other users. And, of course, we are also able to watch out for any unwanted links that might keep us awake at night.

But the real benefit we achieved was after integration with Google Analytics. We can set up goals and check conversions for each action. Now, we can check quickly and easily whether our actions are having the desired effect.

Results and recommendations:

Since we started using Colibri, we have dramatically increased the speed of development and modification of our offered products. New targets that we previously took months to reach can be hit within two weeks. With Colibri, we have successfully introduced new product variations and optimized our advertising campaigns for foreign markets. The pace of work and time savings – these are the main benefits of using Colibri.

I would recommend Colibri mostly to businesses within the e-commerce sector, as is shows us which products should be integrated into our store in addition to the standard features. We strongly recommend the use of Colibri to companies operating in multiple foreign markets, because in times of fast change and intense competition, you have to use the fastest tool to identify opportunities and risks. We get statistics and reports regularly in our inbox, which helps us stay one step ahead.


Karol Pokojowczyk

Karol Pokojowczyk is the CEO and Founder of Colibri.io – an online Growth Hacking Tool. Previously founded 2.0 Web Solutions (Drupal Agency), managed developers and helped number of companies grow online.

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