How to grow your business with Twitter


Dell recently announced it’s made $7 million in sales through Twitter, by hanging out and tweeting with “no strategy” in particular. Many small business owners don’t see how Twitter can help them with their business. But there is a way to use it to your advantage.

Here are some of the actual benefits that businesses can derive out of using Twitter:

  • Twitter is viral. Twitter is a great format for enacting a viral marketing campaign, which is all about spreading your message from person to person to person.
  • Twitter builds brand awareness and loyalty. Once you have engaged, helped your customers (your followers) on Twitter they will be loyal to your brand for a long time.
  • Twitter increases sales. By advertising and because Twitter lets you engage your customers.
  • Twitter is connecting you with your customers. When you have a dialogue with a customer or prospect, it you can convert conversations into actions.


How to start?

Get on Twitter – simply as that. Setup an account with a name that is easy to spell and matches the name of your business. Think about marketing strategy for Twitter. Figure out how you can best use Twitter to your advantage, how you’ll get followers, the types of people/companies you’ll follow, posting frequency, posting content type.

Some common Twitter tips are:

  • post regular on Twitter
  • use Twitter to search for people Tweeting questions you can answer
  • encourage word of mouth between your followers
  • post quality content

Start following others on Twitter who are working in your niche. Be aware of spammers. Remember to not just post about yourself, how great you or your services are. Try to interact with people, retweet useful content posted by those you’re following. Remember to measure and analyze results. Keep doing what’s working, resign from activities which don’t work.

Take a look on great examples

Twitter runs page with success stories: There is a lot of valuable examples there.

Around the Web there is a lot of great case studies. For example, HubSpot launched Promoted Tweets in timelines targeted to followers and users similar to those followers. These Tweets offered educational content and a specific call to action – such as an invitation. They achieved: 150% increase in sales through Twitter, 46% lower cost-per-lead and 32% ROI. Reaching new customers with Promoted Tweets is effective. (source:

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Karol Pokojowczyk

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