How I get real Twitter followers visiting our site 487% more

Get engaging followers on Twitter

It’s 2015. Twitter has changed. Having fake followers on Twitter is just a bad bad thing. Not only it doesn’t give anything, it actually hurts your business. Why? Twitter’s no.1 ranking factor is the engagement rate. Having fake followers will decrease your CTRs and your tweets will simply get less exposure next time.

The best way to increase these metrics is to have the right audience that is engaging = not only retweeting and favouriting your tweets, but also visiting the links you share.

1. Follow the right people

The whole idea is based on following the right people with a hope that they will follow you back. According to our research at least 20%-50% will follow you back. So for every 1000 followed users you should get 200-500 new followers.

Here are 3 simple ways to get you going:

1. Find your competitor and follow his followers.

2. Follow your customers related places.

3. Follow people frequently posting on a given #hashtag

Does it really work? Yes, it does. Take a look at our results and never buy followers again.

Twitter followers increase

Twitter followers increase

You can use our free script to follow users on Twitter from here: to use it with this simple procedure:

1. Log in to your Twitter account in Chrome browser and search for a #hashtag your audience is posting on.

Get followers on Twitter - step 1

Get followers on Twitter – step 1


2. Click “People” on the left sidebar and scroll down to load more results.

Get followers on Twitter - step 2

Get followers on Twitter – step 2

3. Open Javascript Console.

Get followers on Twitter - step 3

Get followers on Twitter – step 3

4. Run the script from and hit Enter.

Get followers on Twitter - step 4

Get followers on Twitter – step 4

Alternatively, you can use paid tools like CrowdFire to perform similar operation through Twitter API. We use it to unfollow low quality accounts and users who didn’t follow us back after certain amount of time.

2. Unfollow low quality, non-engaging accounts

After 2-3 days right after each automated follow-sript run, in order to grow the potentiality of engagement of our network, we do these 3 things

  1. We find the accounts that followed us back automatically. We don’t want robots to follow our Twitter account. Unfortunately we didn’t find the right tool for it, so we do it manually.
  2. We unfollow everyone who didn’t follow us back. This is mainly to have the ability to perform another follow-script since Twitter limitation apply here.
  3. Then, each week we check our account for fake followers (see below).

3. Unfollow fake accounts

As mentioned before removing fake and low quality followers will increase your CTRs and thus your engagement rate. Here are two free tools that will help you find fake accounts:

1. TwitterAudit

TwitterAudit - find fake followers

TwitterAudit – find fake followers

2. SocialBakers’ FakeFollowers –

SocialBakers - find fake followers

SocialBakers – find fake followers


Twitter limits

Currently there are three limitations regarding following/unfollowing users on Twitter:

1. You can follow 1000 users per day. While this is the upper end of the scale, we recommend you don’t follow a lot of people every day – it may lead to a suspension for suspicious spammy activity.

2. Total number of users you can follow is 2000. Don’t panic yet. You can follow more than that, but again there’s a limit in place. Essentially, once you follow 2000 users, you will be able to follow only 10% more users than your followers. So, if you have 3000 followers, you will able to follow only 3300 users.

3. You can unfollow unlimited number of users and there is no defined limit for the number of unfollows you can do daily. We know users who’ve unfollowed everyone they were following in one day. However, as with following, we recommend you show restraint and don’t get yourself suspended by unfollowing indiscriminately.


I have a feeling that a lot of Twitter accounts are just fake and packed with robot-like-tools that auto-retweet and auto-like your tweets. Focusing on measuring number of likes, reshares and incoming messages is just wrong for your business, cause it might not mean anything. Your number one option should always be building an engaging audience, the real people that can visit your website and deliver the traffic back, buy your product or use your service. Using this technique per-se is not enough to grow engagement. You should focus much more on delivering the right content that your audience wants to read.

Below you can find the results from Colibri IO showing the amount of traffic we got back to our site = the real people. We always tried to deliver high quality content and engage our fellow followers, but previously it just wasn’t working.  You can see what happened once we removed some fake/low quality accounts and followed the right people that followed us back.

Conclusion is that this technique definitely helps, but we can never forget to focus on delivering high quality content.

Colibri IO - visits from Twitter and other social networks

Colibri IO – visits from Twitter vs other social networks


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Karol Pokojowczyk

Karol Pokojowczyk is the CEO and Founder of – an online Growth Hacking Tool. Previously founded 2.0 Web Solutions (Drupal Agency), managed developers and helped number of companies grow online.

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  • Lee Chun How

    Nice read Karol! One question: after the 1st time running the ‘Following script’ and then Unfollow all the inactive/fake accounts, how do you determine which one out of the list are new people that I’ve never follow before, on the next 2nd run of the Following script? Assuming that I am targeting the same keywords of audience..

    • Karol Pokojowczyk

      Thanks Lee. Much appreciated! :) We use CrowdFire for that. This will allow you to not refollow people who you already tried to follow.

  • Juan Manuel Garrido

    Hey Karol please don´t cut your hair again. BTW: nice post!

    • Karol Pokojowczyk

      Hahahah :) Thanks!

  • timframed

    Great post here Karol – these are a handful of auditing tools I’ve never used. Eager to start pruning our own account here at Framed. Love the traffic graph there too – curious what analytics provider you’re using?

    • Karol Pokojowczyk

      Thanks! The graph shows Colibri IO and the data are taken from Google Analytics and other various sources.

  • Ξiree’Ξ LΞIgh

    Do you know what you can use to unfollow people who dont follow back? Like something free and unlimited Im talking, because most of the programs out here. Only let to you unfollow 100 ppl daily

  • Gabriel Reynard

    Like it ;D

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    Great post Karol and totally agree: “Follow the RIGHT People” and ENGAGE!!!!!

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    Thanks for the tips!

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    Great article.
    The first method is still working? I Dont see on left or top sidebar with “people”