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The SEM world is changing. When people search for your brand on Google, the first results likely include your website, Google+, and YouTube pages. But if you’re practicing good SEO, you might have noticed that more Facebook Pages are appearing in those results as well.

Facebook Pages are increasingly becoming a “second home page” for businesses online.
And while more and more Page owners are learning how to become expert Facebook marketers, Facebook has recently created many new opportunities for Pages to get more traffic through the tried and true methods of – you guessed it – search engine optimization (SEO).

#1 Optimize Facebook SEO for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu

Facebook SEO - optimize for Google

  1. Choose the best name for your Facebook Page – and don’t change it
  2. Select the best URL (Facebook username) for your Facebook Page
  3. Use the “About” text box to place keyword-dense prose near the top of your Page
  4. Use the “Info” tab to include more important keywords, text, and high priority links on your Page
  5. Create “Static FBML” boxes and tabs to place lengthy content and more static links on your Page
  6. Post direct links to your website (or other relevant sites) in your Page’s stream
  7. Add photos with captions, events with descriptions, and a discussion forum
  8. Get more inbound links to your Facebook Page from the web by posting links to your Page on all your websites
  9. Get more intra-Facebook inbound links by getting more Facebook fans
  10. Strengthen intra-Facebook reciprocal linking by getting fans to comment and like content in your stream

While building and expanding your Facebook Page presence requires creative planning and consistent execution, SEO can play a vital role in boosting your Page’s growth rate. While viral distribution limits you to the people your fans are connected to, search engine optimization exposes your Facebook Page to Facebook’s entire userbase – and as we’ve discussed above, there’s a lot that Page owners can do to maximize their exposure through Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and other popular search engines.

#2 Optimize Facebook SEO for Facebook Graph Search: SEO Meets Social

Facebook SEO optimization

Facebook Graph Search is based on a social graph, which means that a user’s search results are personalized based on his or her connections.

Compared to searching on Google or Bing and being presented with results from all across the Web based on keyword matches, Facebook Graph Search presents you with results from content shared only on Facebook. This is from a database of over one billion people, more than 240 billion photos and over a trillion social connections.

The content is limited due to on privacy settings, and the output is based around pages, apps, groups, photos and places.

While optimizing for Facebook Graph Search is not the same as optimizing a webpage for search, there are several techniques you can use to optimize your Facebook page based on SEO best practices. Once optimized for search, you can then focus on how to optimize for social engagement on these pages. It is a great example of the importance of social signals and the convergence of search and social media best practice.

#3 Does Facebook activity impact SEO?

Great question. The best answer I found so far is well explained in this study: https://www.stonetemple.com/does-facebook-activity-impact-seo/ however the answer to this question might evolve over time. There is a lot going on in Facebook/Twitter being crawlable topic recently.

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