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Colibri IO is a set of Inbound Marketing Tools recommended by world’s #1 marketing professionals and serial growth hackers to improve your brand visibility on social media and your rankings in Search Engines. Below you can find what experts say about Colibri IO in various sources and medias like Forbes,, SEJ and MarketingLand just to name a few.

Colibri IO in the press

#1 Colibri Inbound Marketing Tools for Startups – Matthew Torren

“Dominate in Large Markets and Compete with the Giants”

Matthew Torren,

Matthew Torren,

Matthew Torren on IO shows you where and what your prospects and existing clients are talking about on Twitter, blogs and a bunch of other social networks. This allows you to inject yourself in these discussions with the aim of building relationships, offering value and increasing awareness of your startup and presence.

This works even better when you can publicly solve problems through the use of your product or service, garnering powerful social proof. It also integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics to provide you with insight into how your campaigns perform and identify the best conversion funnels.

Growing your startup is about winning the attention from your potential users through bringing value to their everyday lives or solving simple problems. To do this you’ll need to have full command of online tools that allow you to leverage the reach and other capabilities of social networks in a time and cost efficient manner.”

#2 Colibri Inbound Marketing Tools for Growth Hackers – Neil Patel

Neil Patel, KISSmetrics

Neil Patel, KISSmetrics

Neil Patel on“Really understand your data.

Just because growth hacking has the word “hack” in it, doesn’t mean that it’s sloppy or haphazard. Growth hacking is obsessively focused ondata.

Data leads the way in the growth-hacking environment. It’s crucial that you understand key performance indicators (KPIs), viral coefficients, multivariate testing, CACs, LTVs, and other jargony metrics.

More analytics companies are streamlining and presenting data in ways that feed the growth hacking engine. As Kissmetrics remarks, “aggregate data is kinda worthless.” When you start to really understand your data, you’ll be better equipped to launch growth hacking.

Find and engage your potential Customers in Inbound Marketing

Find and engage your potential Customers in Inbound Marketing


Colibri shows you where your customers are engaging online so that you can insert yourself into relevant conversations.

Data doesn’t always mean numbers. Data is information. You need content performance information (Buzzsumo), and customer acquisition data –, customer information – Kissmetrics, and other actionable information. Google Analytics alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. Don’t rely on something like Google Analytics for all your data needs. Dig a little deeper by using an analytics platform that interprets your data in actionable ways.”


#3 Colibri Inbound Marketing Tools for Inbound Marketing Agencies – Chase Hamilton

“Colibri has so many features, all of which an inbound marketer could add into their marketing arsenal”

Chase Hamilton, OverGo Studio

Chase Hamilton, OverGo Studio

Chase Hamilton, Inbound Marketer at OverGo Studio: Let’s talk about Colibri, a tool that I use frequently and helps my strategy as an inbound marketer.  Colibri has so many features, all of which an inbound marketer could add into their marketing arsenal.  Inbound marketers constantly look for ways to expand their social reach, optimize their search engine ranking, and discover guest blogging opportunities.  This website has all of that, for every single website you operate or manage.

Colibri asks you to give them phrases, or keywords, that are relevant to your business for them to monitor across the internet.  They use these phrases to help them gather information and suggestions for your potential benefit.  On top of that, Colibri also ranks every suggestion by numerous factors to give you an impact rating. Yet, Colibri only gives you suggestions for what actions they think you should perform.  It’s up to us inbound marketers to put them into play.

Use Case #1 – Improve Social Reach and Brand Visibility

One of my favorite things about this site is the information it gathers and suggests to me about what I can do to extend my social reach through Twitter.  I have a personal Twitter account but I have never been a huge fan of Twitter.  Yet, I have always thought Twitter would be great for businesses and that’s exactly what I use Twitter for.

Colibri asks you to give them phrases, or keywords, for them to monitor across the internet.  They use these phrases to help them gather information and suggestions for your potential benefit.  From the phrases that you provide them, Colibri searches through Twitter for Twitter users, tweets, hashtags, and mentions that all incorporate your provided phrases. Wow!

They reveal who is talking about your relevant phrases, what news is occurring with those phrases, the language others use when talking about these phrases, and which hashtags people use when talking about your phrases.  Colibri then suggests that you should go follow said user, retweet said tweets, favorite said tweets, or the next time you post relevant content to mention those certain users in your own tweets.

Plus, knowing what language and hashtags other users are utilizing really helps you communicate and discover more effectively and efficiently in your industry. In addition to Twitter, they also give you Facebook, Pinterest, and Quora suggestion opportunities.

Use Case #2 – Skyrocket your SEO

Optimizing your website and all associated web pages for search engine rankings is very important to us inbound marketers.  Colibri finds things about your web pages that could be changed to improve your SEO ranking.  Based upon what phrases you provide them with, Colibri displays SEO opportunities.

Through scanning your web pages, they determine if your H1 tags include those monitored phrases and if not they suggest you add one.  They detect images that don’t have alt text and suggest that you add a certain alt text to such images.  You may have some pages that don’t have enough content and Colibri also detects that and suggests you add more content relevant to the associated, monitored phrase. Furthermore, they even suggest that you add those monitored phrases to your page titles and meta descriptions if you have not previously.

Use Case #3 – Perform Content Marketing, but in the right places

Inbound Marketing with Guest Blogging

Inbound Marketing with Guest Blogging


My other favorite section of this inbound marketing tool (Colibri) is the blog suggestion section.  With those monitored phrases in mind, Colibri searches the internet for blog sites that use those phrases in their blogs. That makes the path inbound marketers take towards guest blogging opportunities so much shorter.

I am able to go straight to the blog site of these relevant blogs straight from Colibri, decide if they are a good fit for my content, and search the website for the proper contact information where I can reach out and begin to potentially set up guest blogging with other thought leaders in my industry.

Guest blogging is a huge opportunity for inbound marketers to capitalize on. So many people claim that guest blogging is one of the best ways towards SEO. Neil Patel himself still claims that guest blogging and SEO are a match made in heaven.


Colibri IO is indeed a set of wonderful Inbound Marketing Tools and should be looked into using for any inbound marketer looking to improve their tactics.


#4 Colibri Inbound Marketing Tools for Small Businesses – Yahoo!

Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo! Small Business: Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an Inbound Marketing tool for businesses and Internet marketers that allows you to track inbound links to your sites as well as your competitors, track SEO performance, analyze keyword positions in search engines, curate your content and pinpoint under-served niches in your industry?

These are just some of the features Colibri IO claims to offer users. This Colibri Tool review will find out.

Miracle Tool for Measuring Trends and Analyzing Conversions

Colibri Tool gives businesses and individual marketers a decided edge over their competition because it shares inside information about all the top keywords on your sites as well as competitor sites. Many people new to marketing on the Internet, as well as a few seasoned old pros, have a hard time measuring the success of certain keywords to see which ones are really converting for them and which ones aren’t really making the grade. Colibri Tool spells that out for you so that there is no room for doubt.

What’s so miraculous about this?

Outrank competitors with Inbound Marketing Tools

Outrank competitors with Inbound Marketing Tools


Colibri Tool is the first of its kind that provides accurate measurements for things such as keyword positions, traffic trends, and even conversion rates for certain keywords that isn’t search engine specific. This means that it isn’t isolated to Google results, or even Bing results. The tool analyzes all of them. It goes even further, however by showing you how well your keywords are ranking in each of the search engines for your sites as well as for the sites of your competition.

Who Needs Colibri Tool?

The ability to quickly access and analyze the data across multiple platforms saves business owners and marketers a great deal of time, and money. It also makes it much more difficult for key information to get lost in translation from one search engine or web screen to the next.

Anyone who does business online that relies on search engine traffic for some or all of their business stands to benefit from proper use of Colibri Tool. Whether you’re a dedicated Internet marketing professional or a brick and mortar business owner attempting to create a significant web presence to complement your storefront, this tool offers many benefits.

Why do You Need Colibri Tool?

Not everyone needs this tool. People who aren’t interested in really cornering the market, even on the local level, in their industries don’t need this tool. It’s a powerful tool that does have a bit of a learning curve in order to use it effectively. It’s easy to use, don’t get me wrong. It just takes a little time to understand how all the information applies to your specific business. With a little effort you’ll use this information to build your Internet presence bigger, bolder, and better than it’s ever been before. If that isn’t in your mission plan for the coming fiscal year, then this tool might not be the one for you.

The Good, the Bad, and the Noteworthy

There are plenty of benefits to consider with Colibri Tool. The fact that it’s easy to input your information and navigate the back office of the website is a plus for users of all levels of experience. The wide range of features offered by Colibri tool give it depth – making it so much more than a mere keyword reporting tool. This one tool replaces several other products and puts all the information together in one convenient location.

Colibri tool, in spite of its many benefits, is not exactly perfect. There is a bit of a learning curve associated with the tool that will put off some. Oddly enough, those with brick and mortar business backgrounds may have a better time understanding the charts and graphs than those who have more Internet-based marketing skills.

The best thing, for many users, however, is the ability to compare keyword performance across multiple search engines in one location. This is a huge benefit over similar products currently on the market.

Will it Fit Your Budget?

Times are tough for businesses in every industry these days. Belts are getting tighter. It’s understandable that your business may not be interested in spending more money than is necessary when there are free products that can do the job – or something similar. However, Colibri Tool offers the convenience of monthly payments at several different price point packages to accommodate a wide range of business needs and situation. The price for this service, however, is worth its weight in gold for almost any small business out there.

Is it for You?

Colibri Tool is one of the few tools available today that impacts almost every marketer out there. If you’re looking for ways to bring in more traffic, to take greater advantage of competitive keywords, and bring in more search engine generated traffic to your business website while monitoring what your competition is doing at the same time, then this is the tool for you.

The free trial is merely calorie-free icing on the cake.

Karol Pokojowczyk

Karol Pokojowczyk is the CEO and Founder of – an online Growth Hacking Tool. Previously founded 2.0 Web Solutions (Drupal Agency), managed developers and helped number of companies grow online.

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