5 Content Creation Ideas that teachers never told you about

Nobody likes that feeling. You know, the one where it’s time to write a blog post but you have no idea what to talk about and no clue where to begin looking? Especially if you are a new company trying to get recognized in the wider mishmash of the web, it can be tough to know where to begin finding ideas. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Luckily, by embedding these tricks in your repertoire, you never to need to feel stuck for something to say again, so check out the following 5 content creation ideas for start ups.

1. Search the News

No matter what service or product you provide, if your business is at all worthwhile then you will be able to find stories related to it in the news. First familiarize yourself with a topic, then integrate it into your existing list of content marketing ideas for start ups. With timeliness and good writing combined, you’re on your way to engaging reading material that will bring even more eyeballs your way.


  • Useful tip: Quora is a perfect source of knowledge. It’s also a place full of inspiration. Follow topics important for your niche, check what your potential leads are looking for. Good news – Colibri can find those discussions for you!

2. Develop a Series

A series serves a dual purpose: it gives you easy, ongoing access to different aspects of your own content marketing ideas for startups; and it pulls in viewers in a longer-lasting form of engagement than a single blog post. Find an interesting topic with multiple angles, then flesh it out over a period of weeks or months.

  • Useful tip: You can squeeze even more – after ending such series you can create an e-book or whitepaper. It’s a great way to extend life of your content and you’re giving something to community. Double win!

3. Use Keyword Tools

One of the simplest ways to figure out what people are looking for in your field of specialization is to use a good keyword tool. Simply enter a keyword that is important to your organization, then check the results to find some related ideas and build content around them.

  • Useful tip: Colibri can provide you with Opportunities – awesome keywords related with your business with low level of competitiveness and high search volume.

4. Utilize Your Base

If anyone knows what they want to be reading about, it’s your viewers. Whether you provide a product or service to customers or simply an engaging source of media to viewers, they know what they want to see. If you run out of ideas or need to liven things up, just ask them.

  • Useful tip: Social Media are here to help! Twitter can bring you fast answer for your question. It’s easy – type your keywords in Colibri and inject into discussion with influencers.

5. Build Content Around Images

People love looking at pictures, and the best content usually has one or more images attached. When you get stuck, instead of searching fruitlessly for an idea, find a great photo instead. Then relate it to a story or write an opinion piece and let the picture do the talking.


  • Useful tip: Pinterest is a great source of all kinds of pictures. And, what’s better, you don’t have to spend hours looking at boards! Colibri can suggest you Piterest’s boards matching to your keywords!


Karol Pokojowczyk

Karol Pokojowczyk is the CEO and Founder of Colibri.io – an online Growth Hacking Tool. Previously founded 2.0 Web Solutions (Drupal Agency), managed developers and helped number of companies grow online.

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